How to enable administrator account in windows vista/7

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Wednesday, June 8 22:14

There are 3 different Ways to enable the built-in Windows vista/7 Administrator account :

In Windows Vista/7, when you install the operating system, you are asked to enter a user name which will be the primary local user that will use that system.

Like in Windows Vista/7 the built-in Administrator's account is disabled by default and is not associated with a password. Read Further to know just how?

1)By using command prompt :

step1: open command prompt. type cmd in start menu->right click and run as administrator
step2: type net user in cmd prompt.
step3: type net user * ->type a password for the administrator account ->press enter
step4: type net user administrator /active:yes

administrator account is configured and enabled.
To disable type net user administrator /active:no in the command prompt.

2)By using the Local Users and Groups snap-in :

step1: Open Local Users and Groups. Type lusrmgr.msc in Run (or) Right-click on My Computer -> Manage -> System tools -> Local users and groups ->users
step2: Select the administrator account ->right click ->set password ->proceed ->enter password and click ok
step3:right-click the administrator account ->select properties ->uncheck account is disabled checkbox ->ok

Administrator account is configured and enabled.

3)During installation of windows vista/7 :

step1:during installation, when prompted to enter the account details, while entering password field press shift+F10 and a cmd prompt appears.
step2:repeat the steps 2 to 4 of how to enable using cmd prompt that is given above.

Administrator account is configured and enabled.

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