You and Google

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Tuesday, May 17 20:16

If you are a frequent user of google then this might seem interesting to you. Have you ever wondered what other mind-blowing services google offers apart from the ever popular search engine(Google Search) and mail service(Gmail). There are a lot of firms and consultants making a lot of money on the web, solely on the business of helping people shape their Google search results. For corporations, brands, and causes, the Google ranking is a kind of web stock price, with just as much obsessive energy invested. For your own name, though, Google has released a few tools to help you monitor where and how your name shows up in a search ranking.
To get to “Me on the Web,” head into your Google Dashboard , then look down to the second section, below the basic “Account” details. You’ll see on the left the links already accounted for in your Google Profile - which might be there, even if you haven’t formally edited a Google Profile. On the right, Google has provided some links to help you through the creation and maintaining of a web identity.

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