Touching the void - by Joe Simpson

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In June 1985, two British mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates made the first-ever climb of the West Face of the 21,000 foot snow-covered Siula Grande mountain in Peru. It was an exceptionally tough assault – but nothing compared to what was to come. Early in the descent, Simpson fell and smashed his right knee. Yates could have abandoned him but managed to find a way of lowering him down the mountain in a series of difficult drops blinded by snow and cold. Then Simpson fell into a crevasse and Yates eventually had no choice but to cut the rope, utterly convinced that his friend was now dead.

In his subsequent book on the climb entitled “Touching The Void”, Joe Simpson wrote:

The man and his four wives

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             A successful man in his life, had four wives. When he was dying, he called his fourth wife, the most recent and the most young to his bedside.
"Lovely," said the man, lured by her legendary figure, "in a couple of days I will die. After death, I would be lonely without you. Will you come with me? "
"No," replied the young girl. "I'll stay here. I will pray at your funeral, but no more than that. And she hurried out of her husband's room.
His wife's rejection is like a stab in the heart of the man. He has devoted so much attention to his youngest wife. He was so proud of her that he was always picked as the best in any important event. His fourth wife had given dignity to the man in his old age. He was surprised to find the fact that his wife had no love for the love he gave her.
However, he still had three other wives, so he called his third wife whom he married when she was middle-aged. He has fought so hard to look after his third wife. He loved his third wife who had given him much happiness. She was an attractive woman coveted by all men, she was a very loyal woman. She gave the man a sense of security.