What is Android ?

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Monday, February 28 22:05

Android, android, android..... We here it everywhere these days. They have even got jobs for people specialised in this technology - well one important reason why you should know about it.
About 7 years ago it was the name of a character in one of the cartoon shows that i and my brother used to like and watch avidly and which my mom despised. Nowadays, however, it refers to an OS widely used in the new generation cell-phones.
One of the most used gadget or device these days is a Mobile phone. Almost everybody has it and it has become an integral part of our everyday life. Earlier it was only used for communication. Little while later, small applications like calendars, calculators etc were added to provide additional functionality or rather make life easier. Nowadays we want almost everything to be done by our handset. We are tired of carrying the bulky laptops and netbooks for our everyday activities. Be it Web browsing, File sharing, Uploading, Downloading, Social networking etc - just name it and the Gen-'Y' mobiles have about everything we can dream of. So, how is it possible, with such a small device such as our handset that such rich user apps are supported. The answer is the old one - OS. 

Disclaimer - There's gonna be more jargon further!!

One of the most widely used OS for smart-phones nowadays is "Android". So more about Android now  :