Be good for one day...

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Monday, July 19 19:16

An inspirational conversation between Confucius and his disciples :

Confucius : "We may do whatever we like in our lifetime ; steal, kill, torture, cheat, whatever ......"

One disciple replied : " sounds great ! But what are the conditions required for it ?"

Confucius : "The condition is very easy. You can do evil for the rest of your life, but just one day before your death, be a good person."

Disciple : "But Master, we do not know when we will die."

Confucius : "Therefore, suppose that tomorrow you will die. Be a good person today ...!"

Four things we can never recover

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Monday, July 12 21:12

The stone.....after the throw !

The word.....after it's said!

The ocassion.....after the loss !

The time.....after it's gone !