Change Your Dual-Booting PC’s Default OS

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Tuesday, June 14 20:48

Many of you might have dual OS installed in your PC.So the default or first entry is Ubuntu.
If you have Ubuntu and windows installed then the Ubuntu bootloader called GRUB supercedes the windows bootloader.  If you want to change the default entry to windows or some other OS then follow any of the following two ways :

1)Using startup manager :

Step1 : Boot into your Ubuntu OS. Open the command prompt and type sudo apt-get install startupmanager. Enter Password when asked and Press 'Y' when prompted to.

Step2 : Goto System -> Administration -> Startup-manager and click on it

Step3 : In the dialog box, notice that in boot options tab there are 3 fields.

Timeout : Specifies the countdown (in seconds) that GRUB waits before automatically booting the default operating system.

Default operating system: Just click the menu and choose your preference.

Display: Choose the resolution and color depth for GRUB.

Step4 : Restart and you will see your customized Boot menu

2)Editing Grub.cfg file :

Step1 : Boot into your Ubuntu OS.

Step2 : Open the Ubuntu filesystem and goto \boot\grub\grub.cfg or just search for it in the filesystem

Step3 : Open the command prompt and type sudo chmod 777 \boot\grub\grub.cfg. Enter the required password and proceed.

Step4 : Now open the grub.cfg file with and editor. Now look for the menu entries and adjust them according to your preference. Delete the menu entries that you do not probably want.

Step5 : A disadvantage with this method is everytime Ubuntu is updated the grub.cfg is re-written. So your editing might not be permanent and you'll see the old Boot menu again when you restart after upgrading ubuntu.

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