Top 10 Google products

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Thursday, March 17 15:35

As you might have discovered by now that i am a self-proclaimed huge fan of google and the services it offers. So to those out there like me i am back with this post about google and the top 10 services it offers :
  1. Google Chrome : the most advertised Google product, is a browser that is very basic without any complex add-ons and features and impressed users with its speed and simplicity. Today google keeps on updating chrome with the latest security patches and updates.
  2. Google Search : has a new advanced search page and it detects the date when a page has been published, it's more comprehensive by indexing previously inaccessible pages, Flash files and scanned documents.
    Google Suggest has been enabled by default, the SearchWiki experiment is now live and the snippets are more useful for discussion boards and scientific papers.
    Also the google image and book search has shown considerable development.
    Also there is the new feature Google Instant Search which searches the moment you begin typing in the search field. Now you do not even need to press enter for searching.
  3. Gmail : Google launched Gmail which has most of the new features as Labs experiments and there are plenty of useful additions: from task management, sending SMS, to viewing Google Calendar agenda and customizing keyboard shortcuts.
    Gmail also supports voice and video chat upon installing a plug-in.
    Also you can choose from a number of themes provided by gmail for your account. Themes make your inbox more personal and more distinctive.
    Also the new thing in gmail that establishes its uniqueness among various mail services providers are its spam check, reply mail attached to the mail thread, simple chat component,about 8 gb storage space,fast file uploader and labels for ease of division of your mails.