Terrorist Attacks, Yet Again

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Friday, July 15 20:55

13, 26, 11, 7 ........ What is it with these 'numbered days' that prompt an unusual amount of violence on innocent civilians by 'Terrorists' in the form of blasts etc. Why do cities with a history and residing in shadow of blasts targeted again and again? What can be proved by such acts of violence? Can these ever be stopped? How many more are to be hurt before someone puts a stop to all these? Is the city I am residing in safe?.....

These are the questions that most of us ask ourselves perhaps sitting in front of TV watching the news channels flash images from the blast sites. We feel better, maybe a little terrible, A lot of pity for the injured and families of the dead, maybe even anger on the people responsible for such acts of terrorism. Then 2 days, or maybe even 3, after that we go about our own way. What does The Govt do. The PM and some ministers visit the affected site and people involved, offer assistance and help, give a long speech on making sure that people responsible are punished etc.

That all folks that happens......but still there's no end to such events happening and such people being punished. Even though we see osama being killed, Saddam Hussein being hanged and Ajmal kasab being locked up......the veil of terrorism hangs low above our heads, any day and anytime.

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