Why Google+ is going to be a huge hit with the GenY

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Tuesday, July 5 20:26

Long After a series of failed attempts at social networking, Google may hit the web with Google+, its answer to the popular social networking site Facebook. Read further on to know why and how it could have a major impact on the future of the Web and the our look on social networking.

Google had always wanted social networking to work, and this time, it may just work.
Google’s previous attempts at creating social networking websites have been disasters. Open Social failed because Google couldn’t get Facebook and other social networks to buy into the idea of a shared social identity. Orkut has not been a hit with the current generation either. Google Wave was not being useful enough to attract any users. Google Buzz freaked people out by naively overstepping its bounds on privacy. and now its google+. Right from the name it seems on its way to be the new social rage.
when Google unveiled its latest social experiment last week — called Google+— I was extremely skeptical. Still, Facebook is so malignant in terms of privacy and such a mess to use and configure that I was inclined to give Google+ a try. I just expected that it would be a speed-dating relationship like most of the other social networking sites(which do not possess the fate of Facebook) and destined to last no more than a few weeks that at the most that too with the self-created hype. But I was proved wrong.

To start with, Google+ is what Google calls a “field trial” i.e it’s still in beta form. For now, it is open mostly to technology industry insiders, the press and what google calls as early registered users.

Even with its rough edges and without the masses of humanity having access to Google+, the core experience is pretty powerful, and it’s easy and safe to predict that its going to be the new rage.
The most attractive part is how easy it is to find, add, and organize your friends. The friendship and dating parts are the very core of social networking.The friend group feature on Google+ has been given a new name with the new concept of "Circles” and it turns out to be a nice mixture of friending (from Facebook) and following (from Twitter).
Circles are basically sets of friends that you can drag and drop into groups, mirroring your existing social circles — Family, Classmates, Colleagues & Friends etc. — rather than just the one big lump of friends like you have on Facebook (As it seems too complex and hectic to create different groups and the keep on adding people in different groups) whereas in Google+, you can just drag and drop people in any circle you want and selectively allow them to see the updates you want.

You can also make circles for people you don’t necessarily know but are interested in following their updates (e.g. Tech Journalists, Famous Engineers, Web Celebrities, etc.). This is where Google+ echoes Twitter, because people don’t have to follow you back in order for you to add them to one of your Circles. At that point, you’ll see all of their public updates, and most of these folks make the majority of their updates public in order to be seen by more people.
The real killer feature to Circles in Google+ is how easy it is to find and add friends. Anywhere you see a user’s name you can simply mouse over it, click “Add to Circles,” and then select which circle to add them to.Also there is this another new feature called "Hangout" - another name for group video chat.
Its extremely interesting and useful.Also now to find new friends you won't be prompted to enter your mail-id and password. As having a gmail account seems mandatory, Google+ automatically gives you friend suggestions pulling out the ids from your account.

Google+ has the advantage of speed, change, convenience, minimal hassles and rich user experience.

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