Unraveling Life's Mysteries...

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Tuesday, October 11 19:08

As I sat on an easy-chair staring at the sky from the porch on a lazy evening, a string of new thought process set into motion in my grey cells...
I ponder upon the words "Life moves on...no matter what", "what the heck does it even mean?". A voice inside my head answered " Life moves on...no matter what...no matter who dies or who is born...no matter who does what...there is only one direction where life and time move and that is FORWARD". "So, depressing to hear it", I thought. "Is this the truth. So, there is no purpose to life, eh?". Again the voice " No. You Idiot. Can't you think straight? The purpose of LIFE is LIFE itself. To Live it out." I thought "Uh! OK....Whatever that meant...."
Silence For sometime as I ponder about this.....
I recalled a story of a wise man who once said to a disciple seeking the same question "The purpose of life is to observe all the wonders while still carrying a spoon filled with oil without spilling it." This really had an impression on me....What kind i don't know but it sure did. The voice "Silent for so long? What is it that's on your mind?" I ask "Why then is Life for? What purpose does it serve to the one who created it?" The voice "Hey hey kiddo!! Slow down. You move too fast....Two questions and you are already upon the Creator of Life!! Phew!!"."He he" I laughed, "I take it as a compliment then." The Voice said then, " Lemme ask you a question now." I am all excited now, "Shoot right away!!". It said "If you cook something with all your heart and soul, would you not want to test it to see how well it's been?" I said "Well, Yes!" The Voice "Then there's the answer to your question. The Great Lord created LIFE and wanted to know how well he had done. So he tests us." I thought "Ohhk!! Give me a Break!! Weird! Huh!" "But, Somehow this answer seems to be right in a way, as I have nothing to contradict it." I sighed. 

"I think God made the sky blue in order to give hope and peace to those who seek it. All one has to do is look up". And pondering upon all these I sign-out. See ya later!!

P.S : By the way Blue is color associated with hope and peace since times unknown. Science says that Blue color is the most effective in calming nerves.

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Great one!!! Well written!!! :)

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