A Thought To Ponder Upon

Posted by The Modern Buddha , Wednesday, November 24 17:19

What is it that drives human beings to extreme emotions sometimes?
As the most civilized of living beings on earth we are under constant pressure of keeping our natural and basic instincts under strict check and control.
Is it this tug at the elasticity which breaks at some particular time and propels us to behave in the most uncivilized way?
Or is it the superior ego that blinds us for that moment?
Or is it owing to the influence of the so-emphasized rudimentary environment that we grow in?
By and by we hear of such stories and they have a negative influence and impact on the mass public. Can it ever be avoided? Can people act more mature? Or we just have to ignore all of it, turn away as if all that happens to only other people and walk away.
Maybe there is no answer to these questions. And if there is, there might be multiple versions in the form of wise advice from over-helping people.

Someone once said "A wise man does not ponder over unanswerable questions". Maybe we should pay heed to these wise words.

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