Chemical Locha or coincidence?

Posted by Rudra , Saturday, December 12 19:14

What is it like to be disowned by your family? How does it feel when you get dumped? How does it feel when you find out that the friend you always thought to be your closest is bitching behind your back? Does it feel that you have just been run over by a train? Do you feel breathless and gasp for air? Or do you feel like raising your middle finger and say ‘I care a fcuk’? Or do you accept it all with the calmness of the ancient saints? Isn’t it strange how deep a scar people close to you can leave on you? Have you ever wondered why people still fall in love, stay with a violent and abusing spouse, and put their trust on friends? With all the neurons that we have inside in our head, human beings still do incredibly stupid things (falling for the girl/guy that every friend thought was a bad idea; trusting people for all the long reasons; taking life as seriously as they can only to realize their mistake when it’s too late and the list goes on..) and yet supposedly we are the intelligent of all the living species on Earth. Quiet a paradox, eh?
How long does it take to develop hate when you find out your girlfriend was having an affair with your best friend?  How long do you take to promise yourself that you would work extra hard the ‘nexttime‘every time you perform below your expectations? (It’s a different story that only few have the determination to fulfill it). How many tries does it really take for a chain smoker to quit smoking?  So why do we fake it? (Yeah like most women, men fake it more often than what is generally acknowledged – you get the idea, right? :P). Why do we make hollow promises not only to others but to ourselves?

So what is it that makes us do all of it? How come our brain is so developed and yet we behave so weirdly as a social animal?  Some ‘chemical locha’ perhaps! I am yet figure out a truly convincing answer. The only thing that I can think of is that probably the human brain is designed like this. It is supposed to make choices that cannot be explained with logic. May be that is why all Geniuses are perceived to be lunatic. May be, just maybe, it is in chaos where the perfectly symmetry lies which we can’t see?  Or are all this is a mere coincidence just like the Big Bang that created us?

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